Trailblazer Universities Program

The Australian Government announced a $2.2 billion investment over 11 years to translate more high quality university research into new products and services, new businesses and start-ups, and more jobs through the University Research Commercialisation Action Plan. The University Research Commercialisation Action Plan will create stronger links between business and industry and focus effort in the six National Manufacturing Priority areas to drive commercial returns, these include resources technology and critical minerals processing, food and beverage, medical products, recycling and clean energy, defence, and space.

As part of the University Research Commercialisation Action Plan, the $242.7 million Trailblazer Universities Program will support four universities, including at least one regional university, to supercharge prioritised research under Australia’s National Manufacturing Priorities and develop closer ties with industry partners. The program will provide up to $50 million over four years to each Trailblazer University to strengthen their commercialisation capacity, hire leading researchers and innovators and establish industry-aligned courses that respond to the job-ready skills of the future. There is also a total of $30 million allocated for participating universities to partner with CSIRO and access specialist equipment to support their research translation and commercialisation capabilities. The four successful universities will lead Australia’s efforts in research commercialisation and support the national manufacturing priorities. Further information is available at