Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Growth Centre (MTPConnect)

Under the Industry Growth Centres Initiative, the Government has provided $15.6 million in project funding to the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Growth Centre, known as MTPConnect, to enable them to undertake collaborative projects with research bodies and industry that have health sector-wide impact. Project funding provided by Industry Growth Centres must be matched by industry on at least a 1:1 basis.

MTPConnect also operates a number of grant programs on behalf of the Department of Health, including the $22.3 million Biomedical Translation Bridge program, which they operate in partnership with BioCurate, UniQuest, the Medical Device Partnering Program and the Bridge and BridgeTech programs.

MTPConnect receives co-funding from the Western Australian Government and University of Western Australia to deliver programs run through the MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub. These programs focus on building innovation, build capacity and new skills, attract investment, and foster commercialisation.