Introduction to Digital Trade

In March 2022, the Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) launched a series of training videos which provide an Introduction to Digital Trade. This short course was developed and co-funded by one of ASR’S members, the Institute for International Trade (IIT) at the University of Adelaide and has been made available on the global commons, to improve general understanding of the concept of “Digital Trade”.

The online course consists of 12 video clips covering a broad range of topics including barriers to digital trade, digital regulatory cooperation, interoperability of digital standards and digital services taxation. The course can be undertaken here.

The course is a collaborative effort between IIT, ASR, Queen Mary University of London, Orebro University in Sweden and the Council on Economic Policies in Switzerland. Course development was co-funded by the European Union as an activity of the JM Network: Trade & Investment in Services, convened by IIT.