Enhanced Support for School Leavers

To support young people through COVID-19 and its subsequent changes to the labour market, the Australian Government’s 2020–21 Budget measure, the Enhanced Support for School Leavers measure has been rolled out by the National Careers Institute since October 2020. This measure includes the School Leavers Information Kit (SLIK) and School Leavers Information Service, which offers young people aged 15 to 24 with post-secondary school pathway information, and connects young people to qualified career practitioners for a free, personalised career guidance session. The Parents and Guardian’s Guide for School Leavers is an additional resource to equip parents and guardians with information to assist school leavers with the transition to work.

The SLIK is updated regularly and includes information to help young people make decisions about their post-school education, training and work pathways. The SLIK highlights a range of industries and careers in Australia available to young people as they seek to enter the workforce including, but not limited to, career pathways in services and services export sectors.

Further information, including resources for young people can be found at: YourCareer:SchoolLeavers.