Digital Trade Stream at the Annual Geneva Trade Week

During 2020, the Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) was involved in organising and moderating two high profile webinar panel events in the Digital Trade Stream at the 2020 Geneva Trade Week. It was also involved in the preparation of a co-authored THINK 20 Policy Brief to deliver policy recommendations for the G20 on Digital Technologies, Services and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Throughout 2021, ASR will contribute to three events at the upcoming World Trade Organization (WTO) Public Forum in September, participate in events at the 2021 Geneva Trade Week, host an event on the WTO Joint Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation and speak at events on Essential Services, and on Services, Innovation and Our Shared Digital Future. Separately, ASR will co-host an event on e-commerce, regulatory cooperation and digital standards with the OCED Trade Directorate in November.

In addition, ASR has been involved in the preparation of the co-authored THINK 20 Policy Brief on Digital Trade: Top Trade Negotiation Priorities for Cross-Border Data Flows and Online Trade in Services. It participated in the Global Solutions Digital Governance Taskforce for part of the year and it will attend the Global Trade Forum held at EUI in Italy this year.