Digital Economy Strategy 2030

The Digital Economy Strategy announced during the 2021-22 Federal Budget sets out how Australia will secure its future as a modern and leading digital economy and society by 2030. It builds on the Government’s existing digital and data initiatives, sets out further actions the Government is taking through the 2021-22 Budget and defines future pathways to 2030. 

  • Digital infrastructure – to connect business and households
  • Cyber security, safety and trust – to protect and build confidence
  • Skills and inclusion – to build digital capabilities for the future workforce
  • Systems and regulation – to implement smart, modern settings to drive digitalisation
  • Trade and international engagement – to open markets and set global standards to ensure Australian businesses, workers and consumers benefit from digital trade.

The Digital Economy Strategy sets out the pathways to guide future actions, set ambitious targets and will be continually renewed to realise our vision of being a leading digital economy and society by 2030. These targets include that over the next five years, Australia will increase the number of digital agreements with like-mined partners.