Australia's Nation Brand

More than 300 marketing resources are now available for free to Australian businesses to help promote Australian goods and services overseas. Australia’s Nation Brand and tagline, released on 18 February 2022, will help amplify and grow the reputation of Australia’s high-quality goods and services in a competitive international marketplace.

Australia’s Nation Brand is the result of research and collaboration between Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council, cultural organisations, Austrade and federal, state and territory governments. Co-created with Indigenous designers, the Brand elements are inspired by ancient stories from the Dreaming and embedded with a cultural richness that speaks distinctively of Australia. They embody the spirit of Yamulhu awara ambirriju, meaning ‘Good Country up ahead, good feeling for the future’.

Australia’s Nation Brand is a unifying platform with free assets for businesses, industries and government agencies. Through the Nation Brand exporters can now access the resources to ensure their products and services are recognised as quintessentially Australian, gain international insights into help grow their business, and gain time and cost efficiencies with quality marketing assets.