Outcome 5

Information-driven policies and business strategies

Key to success will be both governments and industry having a clear sense of the shifts in market conditions, modes of production, and consumption preferences. We need to have a firm grasp of where Australia’s strengths lie and areas of potential growth.

It is therefore vital Australian businesses and governments have current and comprehensive data and market intelligence, including access to data, science and analytics technologies upon which to make sound market strategy decisions and policies.

We live in the most economically dynamic region of the world and we have high-quality services sought by growing Indo-Pacific economies. Our network of free trade agreements provide access to those markets and increased predictability by locking in existing market conditions.

Alongside providing Australia’s services sector with information on our free trade agreements to increase their awareness and use, the Government seeks to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date data and insights to ensure choices by governments and businesses reflect reality in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

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Use of FTAs by Australian businesses and trade supported

A 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report titled Free Trade Agreement Utilisation Study concluded FTAs were being widely used and have a positive impact on business confidence, activity, strategy, and expansion planning, including in the services sector.

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The FTA portal

The FTA Portal (ftaportal.dfat.gov.au) is an easy-to-use website which enables use of Australia’s in-force free trade agreements (FTAs) by businesses, including goods and services exporters.

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