Recommendation 5.1B

Lift the restrictions on skilled migration to include people over the age of 50 to improve Australian services firms’ access to qualified personnel.

Goverment response
Not agreed

There are no age restrictions for Australia’s temporary skilled work visas.

The Australian Government reduced the age limit from 50 to 45 years of age for permanent employer sponsored visas in 2017 and 2018. This was done to improve the economic contribution of skilled migrants to Australia, and is in line with the Productivity Commission’s recommendation to reduce the age limit for eligibility for permanent residency.

Exemptions from the age requirement for certain groups of people continue to be available. These groups include certain medical practitioners, university lecturers, and people earning over the Fair Work High Income Threshold (currently $148,700).

Australia’s permanent Distinguished Talent visa also allows applications from persons over the age of 55 years who can bring exceptional benefit to the Australian community.