Initiatives and programs that support services exports include:

  • E-commerce support programs to build capabilities and capacity for Queensland SMEs to be competitive in the global e-commerce space. 
  • International Market Heatmap provides timely market intelligence on the different stages of the economic recovery of individual markets as a result of COVID-19.
  • It reflects the various stages of economic recovery for several key markets and aids in understanding the impact of international exports for Queensland businesses. 
  • Support for industry led consortium, Australian Silver Industry Group, which delivers world class services, products and technologies in aged care and senior living, including in a COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 environment. These include: assistive technologies to assist home living; remote patient monitoring; and automated prioritisation tools to help triage urgent investigation.

Grants programs to support SME exporters to enter new international markets. The Go Global Export Program provides support to exporters in overcoming international barriers to entry and aids sales into a new market.