Indigenous success in investment and trade supported by IGNITE


The Indigenous Network for Investment, Trade and Export (IGNITE) is an Indigenous-led intermediary designed to expedite private investment into outstanding Indigenous enterprises, supporting Indigenous participation in international trade negotiations, and expanding Indigenous export opportunities.

At the same time, impact investing around the world is surging and represents significant opportunities for impact investors to achieve authentic engagement and shared outcomes partnering with Indigenous enterprises. In June 2020, the Global Impact Investing Network valued the sector at US$715 billion (A$1 trillion), up from US$500 billion the year before.

“It’s time for greater private investment in Australian Indigenous enterprises by building the pipeline for deal-flow with investment-ready Indigenous enterprises. Ignite has the right team of Indigenous executives on board to help this important economic initiative achieve greater business and commercial outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led businesses,” said Mr Godwell – Executive Officer, ignite

“Directly linked to this will be redefined measures of Indigenous success, including greater private sector investment flows into Indigenous businesses, faster growth in Indigenous exports, increased market share and market capitalisation of Indigenous companies. This is where ignite will play a crucial role.”

Palaris innovating mining services exports during Covid-19

Covid-19 has done more than just close restaurants, bars and offices around the world. Access to mine sites have been significantly impacted, particularly for Australian mining specialists that travel internationally to give expert opinions on mine geology, engineering and operations.

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Mighty Kingdom paving the way internationally for creative services

Mighty Kingdom begun as a small outsourced app developing company in 2010. Fast forward ten years, it is now a dedicated game development company and is helping to drive the digital success of global brands such as Disney, LEGO and Shopkins. The company’s successful client work has enabled them to create their own games and grow their staff from five in 2013 to seventy-five in 2020.

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Mighty Kingdom