Objective 1.2

Global standards and best-practice regulations adopted in key markets

Action 1.2G

In progress

The Government and industry will jointly work with Standards Australia to identify Australia’s interests in the development of international standards and opportunities for Australia to engage.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Government response
Related Action/s

Strengthen Australia’s role in the standards development process and ensure sufficient transparency and opportunity for the services sector to engage in the process.


Ensure sufficient support for Australian business involvement in the international standards setting processes.


Government identify and facilitate opportunities to promote the adoption of Australia’s standards and regulations overseas in areas where they are recognised as international best practice.


Progress to date

Standards Australia is playing an instrumental role in progressing global blockchain standardisation, supported by a Government investment of $350,000. Since September 2016, Standards Australia has chaired the International Organisation of Standardisation technical committee responsible for blockchain standards (ISO/TC 307).

In March 2020, Standards Australia released the Artificial Intelligence Standards Roadmap: Making Australia’s Voice Heard. The report, commissioned by the Government, provides recommendations to help Australia effectively support artificial intelligence (AI) and its future across the globe. It also provides a framework for Australia to influence the development of standards for AI internationally.

To achieve these goals, the Government has allocated funds in 2020-21 to increase Australian experts’ participation in international AI standards development. Standards Australia is also increasing the membership of the AI standards Mirror Committee in Australia to include participation from more sectors of the economy and society in the development of AI standards.

In June 2020, the Australian Cyber Security Growth Centre (AustCyber) partnered with the NSW Government and Standards Australia to launch a new Cyber Taskforce to Drive Standards. The Australian Government is working with the Cyber Security Best Practice Regulation Taskforce to explore policy options to apply regulation to increase the baseline cyber security of the economy, while realising benefits for Australian industry.

Standards Australia supports Australian participation in the development of international standards across all sectors of the economy, including services. Standards Australia is particularly focused on identifying priority areas for increased Australian participation and supporting industry experts to participate on international standards committees and mirror committees in emerging sectors like digital and critical technology, and critical minerals.

Australian participation in the development of international standards allows Australian industry experts to shape trajectories and advance the values and interests of Australian consumers and industry. Standards Australia is ensuring the Australian voice is heard by mapping Australia’s current participation across committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and engaging with industry and Government to identify new and emerging opportunities for Australian expert participation.

The development of international standards on current and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) is increasingly important to ensure consistency for consumers, provide confidence in the safety and reliability of products and services, to promote interoperability, and to assist in reducing barriers to international trade.

In recognition of this, Standards Australia is playing an instrumental role in shaping global ICT standards through a range of projects, including: