Objective 4.3

Recognised brand that places Australian services front- of- mind globally

Action 4.3F

In progress

The Government and industry will jointly support the promotion of Australian services in key markets during COVID-19 and recovery using diplomatic channels, and industry-led virtual trade-related events and symposiums.

Austrade and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Government response
Related Action/s

The Government support trade promotion in key markets during COVID-19 using diplomatic channels to promote Australian services in key markets and supporting industry-led virtual trade missions and virtual symposiums.


Progress to date

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is working with industry to identify priority countries and key stakeholders in those markets to engage in promoting Australian services exports.

On 23 August, Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner at the Australian High Commission in New Zealand and Fintech Australia hosted a webinar on trans-Tasman fintech opportunities with participants from the Australian and NZ fintech sector, including regulators, venture capital providers and operators. The webinar highlighted the New Zealand market regulations, trends and opportunities as it relates to fintech exporters.


To help reduce barriers and facilitate business participation in the digital economy, the Australian High Commission in Malaysia and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) launched the Australia-Malaysia Tech Exchange on 6 May. The High Commission and the MDEC facilitated Australian engagement in Malaysia Tech Month, focusing on possible digital trade cooperation, including e-invoicing and personal data protection, with around 10 Australian tech firms participating in an Australia-focused event on 26 August.