Objective 4.1

Innovation in exports and the shift to digital is supported and promoted

Action 4.1L

The Government will support measures to promote use of emerging technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

Government response
Related Action/s

Government supports accelerators, incubators and other cluster development initiatives for services sectors, including in regional centres.


Progress to date

Australia's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Action plan promotes investment in AI to help grow the economy, support industry competitiveness, create jobs and improve lives. As a key feature of the Government's Digital Economy Strategy, it will help deliver economy-wide benefits by lifting Australia's competitive capabilities, enabling industry wide transformation and unlocking local jobs and economic growth. Components of the plan include:

  • $53.8 million to establish a National AI Centre and four AI and Digital Capability centres. Establishing the National AI Centre alongside four Digital Capability Centres will lay the foundations for an Australian AI and digital ecosystem. These Centres will help drive business adoption and the use of transformative AI technologies to improve productivity and lift competitiveness.
  • $33.7 million in grants to support the AI Solutions to Build a Stronger Australia program to help businesses develop AI solutions that address challenges of national significance. Businesses will work with Government to develop AI based solutions to these challenges with additional attention paid to job creation, economic recovery and other social benefits.
  • $12.0 million to support the Catalysing the AI opportunities in our regions initiative to raise awareness of AI opportunities in our regions.
  • $24.7 million to support Australia’s Next Generation AI Graduates develop industry co-funded scholarships to attract and train home-grown, job-ready AI specialists (see 3.1A).