Objective 4.1

Innovation in exports and the shift to digital is supported and promoted

Action 4.1A

The Government will support accelerators, incubators and other cluster development initiatives for services, including in regional centres.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Government response
Related Action/s

Government supports accelerators, incubators and other cluster development initiatives for services sectors, including in regional centres.


Progress to date

The $23 million Incubator Support Initiative has improved the prospects of innovative Australian start-ups by developing their market capabilities and connecting them with quality research, managerial and technical talent. The Government committed a further $5 million to the Initiative in 2019 to support first-generation migrants and refugees to establish a start-up and achieve commercial success in international markets. Applications under the Incubator Support First-generation Migrant and Refugee expansion opened on 4 February 2020.

Supporting clustering initiatives, our Mining Equipment, Technologies and Services Growth Centre – METS Ignited – has held over 40 events since 2019 covering a range of topics including digital analytics, automation and robotics, treating tailings and mine affected waters and the development of SME Export Hubs, with over 1000 attendees in total. 

METS Ignited in conjunction with the Queensland State Government and Western Australia State Government held two major accelerators during 2020/21 as well as a series of 10 smaller regional accelerators. Over 2020/21, METS Ignited accelerators involved 71 sessions and webinars which have been augmented by 19 masterclass events with over 100 participants.

METS Ignited expanded the Queensland-based Scale Up and Take Off accelerator program into a national accelerator program known as the Quantum TX Business Accelerator program. The accelerator program is for start-ups seeking to facilitate the use of scale-up solutions in mining, energy and defence sectors by applying them to the space and advanced manufacturing sectors.

METS Ignited supports ‘MackHack’ in Mackay, Queensland. The annual hackathon invites participants to showcase technologies, concept development and prototype solutions to industry challenges presented by local mining houses and mining equipment, technology and services firms.

In June 2020, Australian Cyber Security Growth Centre's (AustCyber) NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node partnered with TAFE NSW to launch short courses to meet current and emerging industry needs. The courses will provide new and existing workers with the specialist skills they need to succeed in the growing cyber security sector.

The Node is part of AustCyber’s National Network of Cyber Security Innovation Nodes, designed to foster and accelerate cyber capability development and innovation across the country. It is jointly funded by AustCyber, the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, and the NSW Government. As of January 2021 there are Nodes in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and New South Wales, each specialising in key priority capabilities related to State or Territory strengths.