Objective 5.2

Export market intelligence is collected and shared

Action 5.2C

In progress

The Government will share market intelligence with peak industry bodies regularly on developments in offshore markets.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Government response
Related Action/s

Government and industry should work together to consolidate a comprehensive and prioritised list of international barriers to services exports for actioning, including formal market access barriers as well as ‘behind-the-border’ process, procedural, regulatory and cultural barriers.


Progress to date


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has strengthened the Government’s extensive engagement with business and industry, at home and overseas. More than 985 significant domestic consultations were held with business stakeholders in 2020-21.

DFAT, in partnership with Austrade and the Export Council of Australia piloted a six-part Global Market Insight Seminar Series, hosting 1149 participants in the first six months of the 2021 calendar year.

The department continues to meet regularly (fortnightly) with peak industry bodies and business to share insights from the global network to help business manage disruptions and to understand market risks and emerging opportunities.

The ACT Government through its International Business Engagement Program, in collaboration with the Canberra Business Chamber working as their delivery partner, provides market intelligence briefings to Canberra exporters covering contemporary trade issues, country briefings, Free Trade Agreement updates and emerging export opportunities.