Objective 5.3

Businesses are aware of and use free trade agreement outcomes

Action 5.3C

In progress

The Government will provide simple, clear and intuitive digital information on Australia’s growing network of free trade agreements, including on DFAT’s website and the FTA Portal.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Government response
Related Action/s

DFAT and Austrade should work with regulators and industry bodies to increase FTA-related outreach and training for the services sector, delivered both in-person and through digital platforms.


The FTA Portal

The FTA Portal (ftaportal.dfat.gov.au) is an easy-to-use website which enables use of Australia’s in-force free trade agreements (FTAs) by businesses, including goods and services exporters.

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Progress to date

DFAT's Free Trade Agreement Portal provides easy-to-use online information about opportunities for goods and services trade under Australia's free trade agreements. The Portal is updated regularly to reflect new developments under Australia's FTAs. Its use is promoted in advocacy and outreach activities.