Objective 5.3

Businesses are aware of and use free trade agreement outcomes

Action 5.3A

In progress

The Government will promote business awareness and use of Australia’s free trade agreements.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Government response
Related Action/s

DFAT and Austrade should work with regulators and industry bodies to increase FTA-related outreach and training for the services sector, delivered both in-person and through digital platforms.


Use of FTAs by Australian businesses and trade supported

A 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report titled Free Trade Agreement Utilisation Study concluded FTAs were being widely used and have a positive impact on business confidence, activity, strategy, and expansion planning, including in the services sector.

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The FTA Portal

The FTA Portal (ftaportal.dfat.gov.au) is an easy-to-use website which enables use of Australia’s in-force free trade agreements (FTAs) by businesses, including goods and services exporters.

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Progress to date

The Government remains committed to increasing business awareness and use of FTAs. For example: 

  • DFAT continues to offer bespoke advocacy intended to raise business awareness and use of FTAs, including in relation to services exports;
  • the FTA Portal, a website providing businesses with easy-to-access information about goods and services export opportunities under Australia's FTAs, is being maintained and updated when new FTAs enter into force;
  • detailed online information about FTAs is being maintained and updated where necessary, including factsheets on services-related issues for businesses; and 
  • FTA email inboxes that allow SMEs and other businesses to submit FTA-related queries and have them answered by FTA experts are being maintained.

Austrade has launched the Free Trade Advantage e-learning platform that brings together a range of practical advice and resources to help Australian businesses access the benefits of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). The platform is designed to help new and experienced exporters alike navigate using FTAs and will continue to be available via Austrade’s Digital Exporter Services. Moreover, outreach activities such as seminars, webinars and round tables – covering markets with whom we have an FTA in place – will incorporate information about the advantages of the relevant FTA and links to the Free Trade Advantage platform.

The ACT Government through its International Business Engagement Program, in collaboration with the Canberra Business Chamber working as their delivery partner, provides market intelligence briefings to Canberra exporters covering contemporary trade issues, country briefings, Free Trade Agreement updates and emerging export opportunities.