Objective 4.1

Innovation in exports and the shift to digital is supported and promoted

Action 4.1C

In progress

The Government will extend COVID-19 telehealth arrangements and reform the Medicare Benefits Schedule to remove barriers to the delivery of telehealth services.

Department of Health

Government response
Related Action/s

Support the removal of unintended barriers to services by continuing the arrangement that allow Australians to access Medicare-subsidised telehealth services past September 2020.


The Australian Government to prioritise broad-based reform of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to remove barriers to delivering health services through digital and connected platforms.


Progress to date

The Government extended the temporary Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) telehealth arrangement introduced as part of the national COVID-19 emergency health response.

The Government announced on 26 April 2021 that it was extending Telehealth arrangements to the end of 2021.