Objective 4.3

Recognised brand that places Australian services front- of- mind globally

Action 4.3G

The Government and industry will jointly build a coalition of support at home and overseas to advocate Australia’s cybersecurity capabilities and interests.

Department of Home Affairs

Government response
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Industry and government should work jointly to build a coalition of support at home and overseas to advocate for Australia’s cybersecurity capabilities and interests.


Progress to date

In June 2020, Australian Cyber Security Growth Centre's (AustCyber) NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node partnered with TAFE NSW to launch short courses to meet current and emerging industry needs. The courses will provide new and existing workers with the specialist skills they need to succeed in the growing cyber security sector.

The Node is part of AustCyber’s National Network of Cyber Security Innovation Nodes, designed to foster and accelerate cyber capability development and innovation across the country. It is jointly funded by AustCyber, the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, and the NSW Government. As of January 2021 there are Nodes in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and New South Wales, each specialising in key priority capabilities related to State or Territory strengths.

In 2017, the Australian Cyber Security Growth Centre (AustCyber) was established to ensure Australia is well positioned to take advantage of the growing global cyber security market and support the development of a strong cyber security industry in Australia. The $40.5 million public private partnership works to:

  • increase collaboration and commercialisation; improve international opportunities and market access;
  • enhance management and workforce skills; and
  • identify opportunities for regulatory reform.

In January 2021, AustCyber, in partnership with the NSW State Government and Standards Australia, launched the NSW Cyber Security Standards Harmonisation Taskforce's Recommendations Report. The Taskforce, which is made up of industry leaders, government and business representatives, complied a comprehensive list of recommendations that span key industries, including cloud, health, defence, education and financial services. The Taskforce is developing a publicly accessible list of standards relating to cyber security that span the seven priority sectors identified in the report. This will include a website that communicates the business benefits around the adoption of standards. The intention is this will be an essential asset for boards, executives and relevant decision-makers and help embed the work of the Taskforce into the economy. 

The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre is an independent and collaborative centre where industry, government and research partners work together to create new products, services and systems. The Centre will receive $50 million from 2017-24 to deliver solutions that increase the security of critical infrastructure and provide cyber security solutions that benefit businesses and their customers. The aim is to ensure Australia is recognised as a secure and trusted place to do business, enabling industry to attract and increase investment, trade and commerce.