Objective 1.2

Global standards and best-practice regulations adopted in key markets

Action 1.2D

In progress

The Government will advocate open telecommunications standards in international and regional standard setting bodies that support an efficient, interoperable and interconnected global network, including the International Telecommunication Union.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications

Government response
Related Action/s

Strengthen Australia’s role in the standards development process and ensure sufficient transparency and opportunity for the services sector to engage in the process.


Progress to date

Australia is participating in the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity regional preparatory meetings for the ITU Standardization Sector (ITU-T) peak meeting at the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA). Through this participation, Australia is promoting good governance and accountability of the ITU-T and advocating for the development of standards that support open, secure and interoperable telecommunications networks.

The Assembly defines the work program for the ITU-T and leadership team for the next four years and agree WTSA Resolutions that will shape the future direction of the ITU-T and its role in developing telecommunication/ICT standards.

The development of international standards on current and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) is increasingly important to ensure consistency for consumers, provide confidence in the safety and reliability of products and services, to promote interoperability, and to assist in reducing barriers to international trade.

In recognition of this, Standards Australia is playing an instrumental role in shaping global ICT standards through a range of projects, including: