Objective 2.2

Regulatory settings and standards that enhance competitiveness

Action 2.2B

In progress

The Government will accelerate processes to assess the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system and implement the system domestically if it makes sense to do so.

Attorney-General’s Department

Government response
Related Action/s

Accelerate the domestic implementation of the voluntary APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules, and promote greater understanding of their benefits, to improve the likelihood of these rules becoming the regional minimum standard.


Progress to date

The Government will undertake industry consultation on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system and how businesses can benefit as part of the Privacy Act Review, which is currently being undertaken by the Attorney-General’s Department.

As part of the review process, a discussion paper will be publicly released this year, and the CBPR system will be included in this paper. Consultations with industry will occur after the release of the paper.

Australia and Singapore signed the Singapore-Australia Digital Economy Agreement on 6 September 2020, which includes cooperation and joint promotion of the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system.